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Guides: These guides will help you make informed decisions concerning your Medicare Supplement Insurance plan.

Built upon more than 66 years of industry experience, Hardin
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His recommendations are impartial and based on the facts, not passing fads or
corporate hype.

Guide to Getting Started with Medicare

Chris Hardin’s 2023 Top 10 Medicare Beneficiary Mistakes

Be a money-smart Medicare beneficiary! Read this special report for step-by-step advice about saving money while on Medicare, monitoring your Part D prescription drug plan, choosing the best Medicare Supplement, and more.

Choosing a Medigap Plan

This official government guide is developed jointly by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). It explains more about Medigap insurance, including what services Medigap policies cover, your rights to buy a Medigap policy, and how to purchase a Medigap policy. To see a chart showing the different Medicare Supplement Plans, click this link: Quick View of Medicare Supplement Plans

Medicare and You

Once you are eligible for Medicare, you will receive a printed copy of this official government guide about Medicare every year. Download this 2021 version and save it to your computer or mobile device so you always have answers nearby.

Guide to Medicare’s Preventive Services

Use this official guide to learn why preventive care is so important to your overall health, get all the details about which preventive services are covered by Medicare Part B, and find out exactly how much you may pay for these services – some are covered at 100% while other services require a copay.

IRMAA  = Income Related Monthly Adjusted Amount = Increased Part B premiums and Part D premiums

Click here to see the numbers.

Click here to see if they can be reduced and how.

Articles: We have written these articles based on years of experience.

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Life Insurance Calculator

This easy-to-use calculator can help you provide your clients with insight into their life insurance need based on their specific situation. It is also designed to help you qualify your leads. After completing the calculator, both you and your client will receive a personalized report via email. Try It Out Today!

Bye Bye Plans F and C Starting in 2020

Beginning on January 1, 2020, no NEW Medicare Supplement Plan F or C policies will be available in the United States. If you currently have a Plan F or C policy—Don’t Panic!

Buyer Beware: Medicare Advantage Out-Of-Pocket Maximums Reach $6,700 Per Year

The Medicare Advantage companies make their plans look like a pretty sweet deal. Low to no monthly premium, all inclusive, you can wrap your prescription coverage into one plan, some even offer dental and vision options.

Three Ways to Save Money on Hearing Aids (That I’ve Actually Tried)

The prohibitive cost of quality hearing aids has always been a sore spot for me – especially since insurance doesn’t cover them. That’s especially sad since the longer someone waits to get their hearing aids, the more permanent damage happens to their hearing.

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